The Power of Customer Self-service portal in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

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In today’s post we will take a look at all the important capabilities of the customer self-service portal.

The customer self-service portal, which is an out of box feature of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 adds to the list of several other simple yet powerful list of features.

This enables your customers to work with you in more efficient way without having the need to several manual interventions. Rather than having customers calling you and asking questions about their orders, placing new orders, asking about invoices, inquiring about products, you can just give then a log in for the customer self-service website and can do all of the above stuffs on their own.

For customers to get started with using the portal for them, all you need to do is follow few simple steps to setup the customer contact and other required details and then they are ready to go. The various capabilities of CSS(Customer self-service portal) are explained in the points below.

Customer Self Service Portal

View account information

1. Configure Product Catalog and make it available on the web for customers to browse through your products:

  • Configure Product groups:

Configure Product Groups

  • Prepare presentations:

Catalog Presentation

  • Sync and publish images to the Web/SharePoint portal:

Publish Images to Web

2. You can prepare campaign items and few easy steps and make it available on the web for customers to browse through them and add to their carts.

Campaign Items on the Web

This makes it easy for the organizations and their customers to interact easily, without having to make several calls and exchange emails to find required information about your products.

3. Customer can place Orders on the web in few simple steps:

  • Add items to shopping cart

Add items to shopping cart

Add items to shopping cart

  • Checkout items and initiate order

Checkout items and initiate order

  • Confirm order

Confirm Order

And You have successfully placed your order.

Order Placed Successfully

4. Have customers inquire about all their orders at one place on the web without reaching out to you frequently for the status and other related information about their orders.

Customers inquiring about their orders on the web

Other inquiries about customer orders

5. Have customers inquire about all their invoices and related information on the web.

Inquiry about customer invoices

View invoices

View Invoice

6. Customers can create , Manage and inquire about their item/order returns.

Returns Mangement on the Web

7. If your organization provided services on it’s products for customer and manage repairs for them, then you can have your customers/technicians create service orders on the web.

View and perform actions on your service orders on the portal

So, with these offerings on the web for making your customers work easily with you on several things on daily basis, AX 2012 can help you and customers interact everything efficiently at one place, getting most updated information about their orders and stuff etc.

This post is aimed for customers who are looking for a customer self-service portal built inside and coupled strongly with their ERP application.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 – POWERFULLY SIMPLE !!! YET AGAIN !

Microsoft Dynamics AX-Powerfully Simple

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