Preparing Financial Statements with financial dimensions getting printed in different Columns in the report in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Sometimes companies may want to generate their financial statements with one or more of their financial dimensions getting printed in different columns of the financial statement report for comparison and review purpose. For example, a company may want to generate the income statement with the data for each of its “Business Units” getting printed in separate columns in the report.

Take a look at the dummy screenshot of such a report below.

Sample Income Statement

Here are the quick guide lines how to achieve this in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

1. First of all, configure the financial statement by navigating to General Ledger > Setup > Financial Statement > Financial statement.

2. Define the financial statement column structure as shown in sample screen below.

Financial Statement Column Structure

3. Now assuming that your row definition for the financial statement is ready, let us go and generate the financial statement.

4. Navigate to General Ledger > Reports > Transactions > Financial Statement. Key in the values for financial statement, Row definition(If not already defaulted from financial statement) and click the Columns tab.

Generate Financial Statement

5. You will notice the 3 columns(Current) which we configured in the financial statement.

6. Select the first record and click Select button.

Select Business units/Financial dimensions during report generation

7. Click Add button and select the business unit financial dimension in the “Field” and provide the criteria value(For example BU-001)

Select the financial dimensions

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to complete this for business unit 2 and 3.

9. Click Ok button and we are done. This will print the financial statement as depicted in the sample screenshot above in this post.

Companies may also have different financial dimensions like Territory/Region, Product Line etc. They may also report based on these financial dimensions with having these printed in separate columns in the report.

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