Integration of microsoft project server 2010 with Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 : What’s new , Benefits and Improvements


Today’s post will talk about the functionality of integration of Microsoft project server 2010 with Microsoft dynamics AX 2012. We will just discuss all the new features that have been introduced in AX 2012 as we all must be knowing about the standard integration between these two application has been a functionality from AX 2009.

Benefit of integration between Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 and Microsoft project server 2010 :

  • Project manager can create projects and other related data in either of the products(AX or project server) and then can synchronize data between them.
  • This will help in getting both the core project management capabilities of project server and the financial management services of dynamics AX 2012.

New features of integration between AX 2012 and Project server 2010:

Well , apart from the existing integration features between the two applications , the following are added newly in the AX 2012 version of AX.

  1. Now, the project hierarchies created in project server 2010 can be synchronized with Microsoft dynamics AX 2012.
  2. Also, the resource assignments in project server 2010 can be synchronized with Microsoft dynamics AX 2012.
  3. When the integration between these two is enabled , the activity breakdown structure can be maintained in the project server only and it will be read only in AX 2012.
  4. Now , any customized fields in AX 2012 by ISV can be synchronized with project server 2010 by defining the mapping in SyncIntegratedFields table in AX 2012.

Entities that can be integrated:

The following elements in the Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 can be integrated with project server now.

  • Workers (The integrated resource pool in project server).
  • Projects
  • WBS (The activities which are of type Task)

How do I troubleshoot integration errors:

It is common that users encounter errors when trying to integrate the project server with Dynamics AX. In order to be able to resolve the integration issues in an efficient manner, Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 provides integration logs which can provide significant information required to troubleshoot the issues. It can be found at System Administration > Inquiries > Microsoft project server integration > Integration log.

Hope you will find this information helpful.

Thanks, Keep DAXING 🙂

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