What is new in AX 2012 : The Advanced funding functionality in project manngement accounting in dynamics AX 2012

In AX 2009, we could invoice only one customer per project per contract. Now the funding for a project /project contract can be shared by any number of internal or external parties.

User can configure a funding scheme which helps is setting up funding limits for one or more customers per category, category group or transaction type.

In this post, i will walk you through the process of setting up the multiple funding sources for a project contract and we will also verify the impact of this when will generate the invoice for the projects. Also we will take Customer as the funding type while setting up the funding details.

Note : Please note that the advanced/multiple funding can be setup among Grants/Organizations also.

Please follow the steps below.

  • For better and clean understanding, let us create two new customers by navigating to Accounts Receivable > Common > All customers. Please see the 2 new customers whichi created for this demo purpose.
  • Go to Project Management Accounting > Project Contracts.
  • Click on the New > Project Contract on the actionpane and fill the required details  and click OK button to create the new project contract. Also create a new project and associate that to this project contract. Please see screen below.
  • Now , on the Project contract edit screen, expand the funding sources fast tab and see that there is one funding source which we attached while creating the contract.
  • Click on the Add action pane button and add a new record with funding type = Customer, Customer = 902305(The second customer which we created). Please see screen below.
  • Now collapse the funding sources fast tab and expand the funding limits tab.
  • Create new line by clicking Add action pane button. Please see screen below for the demo purpose. Please note that these funding limit criteria can be made more specific my selecting different transaction types, category groups/categories etc but for this demo purpose we will go with a generic funding limit setup as shown below.

  • Click on New > Invoice proposals action pane button on the Invoice proposals screen and the click OK button on the next dialog by selecting the fields marked in screen below.

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  1. Very good article!!

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