Invoice frequency of a project contract and the general buffer days for sales payment in a project in dynamics AX 2012

Hi Folks,

Did you all know about the Invoice frequency option in project contracts and the buffer days for sales payment for time & material projects. Here is a quick post to get to know these.

Invoice frequency of a project contract is a factor which decides the sales payment date on a project forecast line along with the buffer days for sales payment which is specified on the project parameters. The invoice frequency for a project contract is setup under General fast tab of the project contract details form  and it can be one of the options as shown below.

Invoice frequency Invoice date/day of project forecast
Daily Same as the project date
Weekly First Sunday after project date
Monthly End of current month as per project date
Quarterly End of current quarter as per project date
yearly End of current year as per project date
End of project End date of project

Buffer days for sales payment : Indicates how many days are allowed as a grace period before a sales payment is due on a project. This can only be specified on a T&M project. This field can be found at Project Parameters > Forecast tab > General buffer days field.

An Example:

Let us say that the Invoice frequency for the project contract is set to Monthly and the project date is set to 10th OCT, 2011. Now the invoice date will be set to 31st OCT, 2011 as the frequency is monthly and it is the end of current month.

Let us say 6 is entered in the General buffer days field in project parameters form.

So, the payment now is due on 6th Nov, 2011 which is nothing but 31st OCT + 6 days.

Easyyy right !!!! 🙂



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