Adjusting invoiced project transactions in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Hi Guys,

Just another quick post here on the functionality of adjusting project transactions even after they are invoiced. Most of us must be aware of this.

In Ax 2009 never allowed adjusting or correcting a project transactions which was already invoiced. This can be a very useful requirement across many industries as chances of errors during invoicing is very likely in services organizations.

In AX 2012, system now allows to edit invoiced project transactions. Make sure the following to be able to do adjust invoiced project transactions.

  • Go to Project management and accounting > Setup > Parameters.
  • Mark the Invoiced check box as shown below.


  • Now, when you perform adjustment from Periodic > Adjustments form, you will notice the “Invoiced” option.


  • With that selected, if you select the records for adjustments by providing the filtration criteria, system will fetch the invoiced transactions also where you can make the necessary adjustments.

Stay tuned for some very interesting posts in coming few days.


Keep DAXING Smile

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