Project Quotations Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: Highlights of it’s Capabilities, Benefits and Usage

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 - Powerful, Simple, Agile

Bidding for attractive projects and winning them is a critical process for professional services firms today. As an initial phase of every project, project managers of the organizations use project quotations to approach customers for bidding projects easily and accurately. A typical project quotation will contain all possible details of item and services that are quoted for a project.

With MS Dynamics AX 2012, you can create quotations, create activities in quotations, schedule the activities, soft/hard commit resources, submit and approve quotations and finally convert the quotation to project. You can do all this all few setups and clicks without having the need to doing much of manual works.

In today’s post we will discuss the various capabilities of project quotations and the benefits that project managers can obtain using the project quotations functionality in dynamics AX. These are as described below.

1. You can create project quotations for exiting customers and potential prospects also. Also you can make use of quotation templates to spend less time when creating multiple new similar quotations which you have worked in the past.


2. Create and setup the work break down structure of the project activities right at the project quotation stage. You can make use of the Copy functionality of WBS to make it easier to create and define the WBS or you can also define a all new WBS for the current quotation.


3. You can generate the project quotation lines automatically from the work breakdown structure without having the need to create each line separately for the quotation. With AX 2012, you can also copy the lines of quotation from an existing quotation.


4. Setup all the various required information on/about the quotation staying in one single screen.


5. Review the estimated profitability of the quotation by just clicking one button.


6. Match and schedule/soft or hard commit resources for activity requirements of the project.


7. Submit detailed quotation for approval to the workflow and confirm quote after approval.


8. Transfer the Confirmed project quotation into an actual project(New or existing) and then run a wizard to create project WBS, forecasts, project budgets etc. automatically right from the quotation.



Above were few of the highlights of the various capabilities of project quotations in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Please feel free to reach me if you need more information regarding quotations in dynamics AX.


Keep DAXING Smile


1 thought on “Project Quotations Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: Highlights of it’s Capabilities, Benefits and Usage

  1. Hi

    I follow your guide to quote a Fixed Price project, and everything is corret, but when run the wizard to create a fixed price project this don´t transfer all the forecast models (only used Items type), if I select to transfer to forecast model then make me an Item Forecast only, If not select transfer to forecast model then make a on account forecast.

    I need to create both forecast, Please Help..

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