The Export to excel feature in Project Management and Accounting module of Microsoft Dynamics AX


Here is a quick post about another simple yet powerful functionality of Microsoft dynamics AX for service industries.

Microsoft Dynamics AX-Powerfully Simple

Most of us must be aware but I just thought I will bring it on here for those who may not be knowing this yet.

The Export to excel feature allows project managers and other stakeholders of the project to export the project P&L and WIP statements into a pivot excel format without having the need of any manual intervention. This also allows to select data/fields from a range of various options to be presented in the excel workbook.

Let us take an example project 10004 in the CONTOSO data and analyze.

Project Statements Screen

Choose from several data  field options to be presented in the excel workbook. Also arrange the column sequence by moving up or down the fields.

Export to Excel

Click Ok button and that’s it !!

System makes it all for you. This is greatly different than the regular export to excel feature of AX as it directly presents the user all the data well formatted and arranged in pivot format. Please take a look at the excel workbook below which is generated by the system.

Project P&L AX 2012

Now you can utilize this workbook to prepare any kind of pie charts or bar graphs to analyze and present your project performances.

Simple in few clicks !!!! Smile

Till next time…….Keep DAXING..


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