Intercompany Timesheets Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

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In today’s post, we will explore and discuss about one of the important functionality in the Project Management area which is “Intercompany timesheets functionality”.

Intercompany Timesheets

In every mid sized to a large-sized professional service industry, it is a common practice that employees/workers of the organization keep working on the projects of different legal entities where as they will be employed in only one legal entity.

The loaning and borrowing activity of employees between the legal entities is essential to make efficient utilization and putting right people if the right job possible. When working on the projects of legal entities other than their employing legal entity, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 make it simple for the employees to register their times/hours directly on the projects of the contracting company/resource borrowing company, without having the need for the employee to enter times at multiple places and multiple times.

NOTE : Intercompany Timesheets Management functionality will be available only if the AX 2012 feature pack is installed.

In the subsequent steps and paragraphs of this post, we will explore the various setups and the overall intercompany timesheets operation in AX2012.

Let us refer the two legal entities which exchange the employees as the Loaning entity/Resourcing and the Borrowing/Contracting entity.

The following setups needs to be completed in AX 2012 in the Loaning legal entity.

1. Enable the intercompany timesheets management in the project parameters screen.

Project Parameters

2. Setup pricing details for the employees who are to be loaned. This includes setting up the cost price and the transfer price. The cost price however is ideally setup for all employees weather they will be loaned or not. The transfer price represents the price which the loaning legal entity charges to the borrowing legal entity.

Transfer price setup:

Price setup

Cost price setup:

Price setup

3. Setup the ledger accounts for the inter company cost and revenue.

Intercompany Ledger Accounts setup

4. Make sure that the debit and credit accounts for the intercompany transactions are setup.

Intercompany accounts mapping

This completes the setup required in the loaning/resourcing company.

Now, let us complete the setup needed to be done in AX 2012 in the borrowing legal entity.

1. Setup sales prices for the borrowed resources which the the actual selling price in the project.

Sales price setup

2. Setup the debit and the credit accounts for the legal entity the worker will be borrowed from.


3. Further additional setups can be done, like assigning projects and categories to the borrowed worker if the validation functionality is implemented.

Now that we are done with the minimum setups required for the intercompany timesheet functionality to be operational, let us take a look at the steps/process by which the borrowed employee can submit this timesheets in the borrowing/contracting company.

  • Employee logs into AX 2012 enterprise portal and navigates to the new timesheets screen.
  • Notice the new Legal entity field in the timesheet line which gets enabled when we enable the intercompany timesheets in AX2012.

New Timesheet

  • Also notice that the loaning and the borrowing/contracting companies are displayed in the look up of the legal entity field. The worker will select CEE as the legal entity and enter their times in.

New Timesheet - Legal entities

So the employee will be able to submit his/her times in the project of the other legal entity without having to be an employee of that legal entity.

The back end accounting is then done automatically based on the setups done.

For any queries regarding the inter company timesheets functionality, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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4 thoughts on “Intercompany Timesheets Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

  1. HI. I using Adeaca. I am not able to do the “Role Assignment” to a resource which is in another group company’s employee. Please tell me how can I fix it.


  2. Hello Sandeep,
    is it possible to generate/print a invoice out of the borrowing company for the posted hours?

    1. Hi,

      When the timesheet is posted, the transactions will get registered against the project on the borrowing company. So, you can prepare an invoice for these in this company.

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