“The Value FeeRet in the Category field is not valid according to the Category setup” Error in AX 2012


I have been busy in work after my long vacation  and break from blogging.

Today, I just wanted to write a quick post about troubleshooting an error which you might face while submitting invoice proposals which has retention enabled in it in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

If you come across the error with message“The value “ FeeRet“ in the Category field is not valid according to the Category setup” , where “FeeRet” is the customer payment retention category, then make sure that The “Active in journal” and “Customer payment retention” check boxes are marked in the Category setup under Project Management and Accounting > Setup > Categories > Project Categories.

Refer to screenshot below.


Note : Please note that, if you select the ‘Customer payment retention’ check box prior to the ‘Active in journal’ check box, then you cannot mark the ‘Active in journal’ check box anymore, as it will be disabled.

Hope this will help. Lot of new exciting posts coming soon. Stay tuned.

Keep DAXING Smile



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