Managing recruitment and Posting Open jobs in Enterprise portal in Dynamics AX 2012

Hello Everyone,

Managing recruitment processes, job applications and applicants is a key aspect of human resources management in any organization. The HRM module of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 provides a very efficient and effective way of managing open jobs in an organization and applications and applicants who are applying for the open jobs.


In today’s post I will highlight,

  • How to create open jobs and publish the Job ads to the enterprise portal.
  • How candidates/applicants( Both External and Internal) can view and apply for Open jobs.
  • How applicants/candidates can submit their resume to the organization for considerations to any open jobs.
  • How recruiters can view and manage all the incoming job applications at one central location and process them further.

Create Jobs and Publish them on Organization portal:

  1. Go to HRM > Common > Organizations > Jobs.
  2. Create a new job. In this case let us say it is for a DAX Technical Consultant.


3. Create the required positions under the HRM > Organizations > Positions.

4. The next step is to create the recruitment project and create the job ads for that.

5. Go to HRM > Recruitment > Recruitment Projects and create a new recruitment project.


6. Create the Job ad for this recruitment project and enable this to be published on the enterprise portal.


With this, we are done creating the open jobs and publishing them to the portal.

Candidates viewing and applying for jobs on the portal:

AX allows both internal employees/existing employees and external applicants to apply for open job. The site services feature can be used to integrate the external job portals and company websites to AX. External candidates can apply directly from portals and company websites with this integration. (Note: These tasks will need some technical works and some development as well and it is not fully functional out of the box.

  1. When candidates log on to the portal of AX 2012, they get to see a direct link to all the open jobs in the organization.


2. Notice that the job we just created is now appearing on the portal. Candidates can select the job and click Apply to apply for the job.


3. Copy paste your resume and click Apply. Note: You can customize this to have a direct link for resume attachment/uploading.


Note that, candidates can also apply and submit their resumes without any open job also. All of these applications will be gathered against a Unsolicited recruitment project.

Recruiters viewing and processing received applications:

The Application Basket in AX is the central location for all the received applications both from enterprise portal and external sites(job portals , company websites if integrated). The recruiters finds all the key information about the applications such as candidate contact information , resume attachments, address etc.

  1. Go to HRM > Periodic > Recruitment > Application Basket.


2. Notice that Sandeep Chaudhury, who applied for the DAX Technical consultant job is appearing in this form now. The system also shows various other information about the applicant on this form required for the recruiters.

3. Click Attachments button to view their resumes.


4. If everything looks okay about the candidate and the resume looks goof to be processed further, then select it for Approval and Click Approve button. You will notice that the application record will disappear from the application basket as it has been processed further now.


5. Now, when the recruiter goes to the recruitment project again, they get to see all the received applications against the recruitment project and can process it further from there.


Refer to my earlier post on employee life cycle management in AX 2012 to know further about this.

The focus of this post was to highlight the job posting capabilities within AX and to show how it eases the job of recruiters on a day to day basis. Please reach out to me in case of any questions on this.

Till next time!!


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