Case Management Tip: Case Category Security Setup in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Hello Readers,

It has been really long writing here due to a pretty packed last year and initial months of this year, and now the wonderful vacation with family and friends. Smile Hope you all are continuing to grow your learning curve of AX.

Here is a quick tip about one of the security related features of the Case Management functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2/R3.

If you are a customer of AX and using the Case Management functionality of AX 2012 and have the AX security roles (Standard or Customized) implemented, then you might find this post useful.

The building blocks of Cases in AX 2012 is the Case Category Types, which identifies which area of AX (Module/Entity) the case belongs to. You will notice that unless a user has the System Administrator role of AX, they will NOT be able to see the case categories in the drop downs when creating new cases in AX.

You will need to specifically define which role of AX needs to have access to which Case category types. Users will be able to see the categories after you have done this setup. Follow the steps below to assign permissions to roles for different case category types.

  • Navigate to Organization Administration > Setup > Case Category Type Security.


  • Select the Case Category type from the drop down and select the Role (s) you want to have access to this case type. Then click Add >> button.


  • As an example, you can setup that only Project Manager and Project Assistant roles can create cases belonging to category type Project.


  • With this setup, only users who has System Administrator/Project Manager/Project Assistant roles, will have access to the cases of type Project.

Hope you find this tip helpful. Till next time…..

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