Some new improved features in Project accounting module in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Here are few tips on some of the small improvements in functionalities under the Project accounting module in D365 F&O.

Prevent project closure if open transactions exists: This is one of the most common requirements to make sure the Project is not closed out if there are pending transactions such as time, expense or invoices that are created but not yet posted to the project.

With this parameter marked, if a user tries to change the stage of a project to Closed/Finished, system will automatically detect if there any pending transactions and if there are, then it will not the user set the stage to Closed/Finished.

Advanced resource validation filtering enabled: This is a small enhancement that now allows you to filter employees based on their employment status. When enabled, you will see a new option to select the Employment status. This will make it easy to manage resource validations on projects when employees are terminated or when new employees come in with start date in the near future.

Allow sales orders for projects with multiple funding sources: When you have more than one funding source setup under a project contract, the system never allowed to create a sales order for the projects under that project contract. This has been one of the most important limitations of the system for a long time.

It is a very common requirement to have contracts funded by more than one funding sources/parties and if these contracts requires you to create sales orders, then it was not possible earlier. System would prompt with an error message as shown below.

With this new parameter marked, system will now allow you to create sales orders for projects which are setup with multiple funding sources. When you Mark this parameter, you will be able to chose whether you want the customer to be defaulted from the funding source or from the project.

The funding source which you select when creating the Sales order will be used when you invoice the sales order on the T&M project.

Allow batch process for publishing of Project WBS: When you have a Proejct work breakdown structure that is large and complex, having the option to publish the project WBS in batch (In the background) can come in very handy. This is a welcome change and improvement.

Automatically set accounting date to open ledger period for project journals: When a general ledger financial period is closed for transactions entry/posting, it is usually a requirement to allow the posting of the transactions automatically to the next open general ledger period. In earlier releases you could setup required parameters under Projects and Expenses module to post expense reports and project time sheets to post automatically to the next open GL period, if the fiscal period for the current transaction date is closed for entry.

With this new parameter, you can do the same thing for project journals. So for example you are trying to post a project journals into a GL period that is closed for entry/posting, then system can automatically post to the next open period.

For example, I have closed August 2019 for the Project module.


If the parameter is not marked, then you will get an error message as shown in screen below and the journal won’t post.

With the new parameter marked, I now try to post a project hours journal for the month of August. When this is posted, you can see the GL voucher is posted to September 1st (Next open GL period) automatically .

That’s it for this quick post!!

Regards, Sandeep

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