Dynamics 365 Finance Tip: Did you know you can now apply cash advances to individual expense report lines?

Here is a quick tip on a new feature in the Expense Management module of Dynamics 365 Finance introduced in version 10.0.17.

If you give cash advances to your employees for expenses they might incur(Office or travel related expenses), they now have better control over applying specific cash advances(s) against each line of their expense reports.

Before the 10.0.17 release, cash advance application/reconciliation was automatically controlled by the system and the balance was tracked behind the scenes. This worked, but was lacking control and traceability/troubleshooting as such.

With this new feature, employees can submit cash advance requests using the Cash advance feature. Once the request is approved and paid, they become available for application/reconciliation against specific expense report lines.

When you go to enter your expense report, you will see the option to select one or more cash advances against the expense repot line. The system will automatically bring in unapplied cash advances on the screen.

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