Finanacial statements does not display the correct balance in a specified interval when running financial statements in Dynamics AX 2009/4.0

Hello,In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009/4.0, we set a financial statement to display data in a specified interval. However, when we run the financial statement, the financial statement does not display the balance in the specified interval. Instead, the financial statement displays the YTD (“Year To Date” ) balance.

In this post , I will explain a resolution to get correct balances in financial statements when running it for a given interval in Microsoft dynamics AX 2009/4.0 .


Let us run the financial statement(Income statement) in standard CONTOSO data for the month of November , 2010. Please refer to screenshot below for the setup to run the statement.

Now , below is the financial statement report which we get, and the data in the report is “Year to date”, but not for the month of November, 2010.

Below are the steps to get the data for this specific interval(NOV , 2010 ).

1. Navigate to General Ledger > Setup > Financial Statement > Financial statement

2. Select the desired financial statement (IS, the Income statement in CONTOSO data)

3. Now, in the lower grid , select the current year record.

4. Click the Transactions tab.

5. Clear the “Include Opening” check box. Refer to screen below.


After doing this , run the financial statement again for NOV, 2010. Below is the result which we get and the data in this is not YTD but it is only for the period of NOV, 2010.

Hope , this information will be helpful .

Thanks , Keep DAXING. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Finanacial statements does not display the correct balance in a specified interval when running financial statements in Dynamics AX 2009/4.0

  1. Hi Sandeep, i am creating a CF statement. So i need the opening balance for the cash accounts, but for all the other BS accounts i do NOT need to include the opening balance coz i just need the movements. Could you pleas help me on this? Thanks

    1. James,

      You would uncheck the ‘Include opening’ check box for this statement in Financial statements form.

      1. Hi Sandeep, i know, but for the cash opening balance, i need to show the opening value though, so the problem is on the same column, i need the opening balance in cash opening, for the inflow/outflow, i need the movement in the period. is there a way to work around this?


  2. We have installed role center to one of our clients . I am facing a peculiar problem especially in business over view and KPI list

    For example , sales per sales person , in the manage KPI , If I select the period code as “ none “ then values are getting displayed . If I select any other value other than none , then no value is getting displayed . Please advise what would be the problem . Also pls advise for this kpi list from where the “goal “ values are brought ? pls advise .

    Also pls advise me is there any good manual which explains more on this


    1. Hi Eswar,

      Sorry about a delayed response on this. Not sure if you are still looking for an answer for this. However below are my comments on this.

      Can you please let me know where are you able to specify a period code in the Manage KPIs ? I dont see it when i open the manage KPI option.

      Also for determining the goal calculation for this, you can take a look at the back end by opening the cube files in visula studio. Once you navigate to this particular KPI, you can know the goal expressions set for this. Please let me know if you are not able to navigate there.


    2. You can look at the SMM cube to dig into the KPI goal expressions.

      Usually , the goal expressions are set to be 5 or 10% more of last month actual values. In this scenario of sales by sales person, the goal will be 5% or 10% of last month actual sales. Please verify the same in the SMM cube.

      Let me know if you need more help. Unfortunately i dont have a document with me that explains this. 😦


  3. Yes. It is helpful.Thanks!!

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