No Ledger and Never ledger posting setup in Project Groups – Dynamics AX


Going forward, I will start putting in contents under the AX Quick tips category also which basically will be quick/short references to some of the AX facts.

Below are few of them for today’s post.

  • When we specify “No Ledger” for the Post hourly costs field under the ledger tab of the project group form , the hour costs are not posted to the ledger during posting of the journal. When the project is invoiced , the project cost account gets debited and the payroll allocation account gets credited. This kind of setup can be used in business requirements where the hour cost still needs to be charged in the project and will be used basically for time tracking purpose.
  • When we specify “Never ledger” for the Post hourly costs field under the ledger tab of the project group form, the hour costs are never posted to a ledger account and no ledger transactions are created both during journal posting and project invoicing. This kind of setup are needed in “Time” projects and is a mandatory setup in it.
  • However, there is a control under the statements tab of the Project parameter form which is the No/Never ledger – Hour cost/Hour Qty. check box which when checked, allows the posted hourly cost to be shown in Profit & loss and the project statistic reports.

Note : No Ledger and Never ledger setups are not applicable for Item and expense recording in projects.



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