There are no more budget left on forecast model “Test” for the cost- [Error] – Dynamics AX Project budgets

Hi All,

Here is a quick post which talks about a common error which you may receive from dynamics AX system when working with project transactions.(Posting project transactions).

If you encounter the error with message “There are no more budget left on forecast model ” ” for the cost” , this indicates that the “automatic cost reduction” for forecast is enabled in the project forecast model and “Check remaining cost against budget” check boxes are marked for Hours/Expense/Item which causes the system to check for the remaining forecast amounts/qty and there by block the further posting of transactions in the project.

The business scenario for this kind of setup:

In a realtime business scenario , the original forecasts will be created using a Original forecast model which will remain untouched for future references of the original budget. So the automatic cost reduction check boxes will not be marked for this forecast model.

To track the reduction of the original budgets and to have check on the budget control , Microsoft dynamics AX provides the “automatic cost reduction” and “Check cost against the remaining budget” check boxes. So a new Remaining forecast model will be created and these check boxes will be marked to have control over the budget.

Refer to screenshot below.

After the original budgets are created , these will be copied to the remaining forecast model by using the Copy budget periodic job.

Steps to troubleshoot the above error :

  1. Find the forecasts for the project and the type of transactions you are working on. This can be found at Project Accounting > Inquiries > Forecasts > Hour/Item.Expense..
  2. Look for the reduced forecast transactions.
  3. Take a suitable action for the budget by editing it.(You can increase the Qty. / Amount).

I would welcome any sort of questions on this.

Thanks, Keep DAXING 🙂

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10 thoughts on “There are no more budget left on forecast model “Test” for the cost- [Error] – Dynamics AX Project budgets

  1. Hi, Thanks for the guide; but I need to know why when I select the option “verify cost against the remaining Budget” it dosen´t work? I créate a forcast with 25K of cost, when the hour cost 50 USD, but when I post an hour transaction an error messege appears” the transaction would exed the original Budget -forcast”

    Please I need help with this point.


    1. Can you send me a screenshot of the Forecast model, forecast transaction and the hour transaction. That would give me more info to find out the cause.

  2. Hi Sandeep ,

    can you please send us the Functional documents of Ax 2012 if you have any.

    thanks in advance

  3. sandeep thanks. i got the second option.. but my customer is saying that it is not process.. can u tell the how to copy from project quotation..

    1. Kiran,

      It is possible to copy project quotations from one to another as i mentioned in my point 1. Also i suggested the second option as a non standard one.
      Please follow the steps below.

      1. Go to Project quotations main screen.
      2. Create your new quotation.
      3. Click the Functions > Copy from all button.
      4. This will show you all the quotations available and you can select one of them and click OK.
      5. This will complete coping the quotation lines into the new project.
      6. Then you can just transfer these into the new project forecast. FAIRLY SIMPLE 🙂

      Let me know if you need more clarifications on this. I will be happy to help.

  4. i tried for the second scenario ,its not copying to another project.. pls can u tell if any setting needed…
    from project quotations we can’t copy quotation from one project to another project..


    i created one quotation for project zxy , the quotation is confirmed and transferred to forecast..

    i need to create new quotation with same forecast of project xyz.. is it possible to copy from the previous quotation.

  5. Kiran,

    For the second option , i mentioned like you can give the same forecast models in both From and To forecast models. In this case the Copy budget script will create another set of similiar forecast records by coping from the “From forecast model”. Now , if you want to use the same forecast model for forecasting your new project , then all you have to modify is the Project Ids for the copied forecast lines.

    So , it still meets your needs.

    Coming to elaboration of the first option , can you please let me know if you are using quoations at all in your implementation.


  6. kiran :
    i need to copy the forecast item ,hour,expense,fees from one project to another new project.. is there any option to copy the forecast .
    thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Kiran,

      Unfortunately Standard microsoft dynamics AX does not provide an automated script or a periodic job to directly copy budgets from one project to another.However , I would recomend you two different solutions which may help.

      1. If i assume that you are creating project quoations for a project/furture project then you have an option of the coping the quotations from one to another. You can do this in the main Project quotations screen. Once you are done coping the quotations , you can transfer the quotation lines to your new project into which you want to copy the budget.

      2. The second option is not a standard process though. But you can still use it to get your job done with less effort required than creating whole lot of the budgets for the new project. All you have to do is ,

      Go to Periodic > Budgets > Copy budget.

      Select a project from which you want to copy the budget and select the forecast transaction type check boxes.(Hours, Expeneses..)

      Select the forecast model from which you want to copy the forecasts in the from forecast model.

      Select the same(or any desired model of yours) forecast model in the To forecast model field and click OK.

      This will create the forecast transactions and then you can just go to these records and modify just the project field which will be your new project ID(Into which you want to copy the forecasts).

      Let me know if you need more clarification on this.

  7. i need to copy the forecast item ,hour,expense,fees from one project to another new project.. is there any option to copy the forecast item.

    thanks in advance,

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