How to cancel a Project Invoice in dynamics AX ?- Project Accounting


I have been seeing questions in different blogs where people question about cancelling invoices for Projects in dynamics AX.

Well, there exist a functionality for creating credit notes for posted invoices in dynamics AX Projects. I will explain the basic steps to cancel  a posted invoice and to update the credit note for it.

Steps for cancelling a Project Invoice :

  1. Go to Project Accounting > Select the project for which you want to cancel the invoice.
  2. Click the Invoice > Invoice button.
  3. This will show all the invoices that are posted for the project.
  4. Filter the invoice you want to cancel/create the credit note for.
  5. Click Functions > Select for credit note.
  6. On the Select for credit note form , click select all button, and then click OK button.
  7. Now , go to the project transactions  and you can see that the transaction status for the project transactions will be “Selected for credit note”.

Post the Credit note proposal:

  1. Go to Projects > Invoice > Invoice Proposal.
  2. Click the Create Invoice button and select Credit notes for the Invoicing method field.
  3. Also select the transactions (Check boxes)you want to include in the Credit note proposal.
  4. Click OK.
  5. This will create the credit note proposal line. See the info log message below.

Now , post the credit note proposal by clicking the Post Invoice button.

I will be happy to discuss questions on this if any.

Thanks, Keep DAXING 🙂

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2 thoughts on “How to cancel a Project Invoice in dynamics AX ?- Project Accounting

  1. Thanks for the post. I made a mistake on the credit note and would like correct it. The note is already posted as well.

    1. Hi Gem,

      First of all, sorry about being late on this.

      Can you please let me know if it was a project related credit note and also what is the mistake you made. I will be able to help you then.


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