Collaboration workspaces in Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 for Projects, Campaigns and Opportunities

Hi Friends,

Dynamics AX 2012 has introduced a new functionality called Collaboration workspace across the projects, Campaigns and opportunities.

Using this users can now share and collaborate all the related information together about projects, opportunities and Campaigns at one place inside AX without having the need to create and maintain separate sharepoint sites.

This is simple yet powerful feature that can be widely used by users. In this post of mine i will demonstrate how to setup and create the collaboration workspace for projects in AX 2012. Please follow the steps below.

Steps to setup Collaboration workspace in AX 2012:

  • Navigate to System Administration Module > Setup > Enterprise portal > Collaboration workspace settings.
  • Click New button.
  • Select One of the 4 business areas. If you want to create collaboration work space for all the areas(Projects, campaigns …) select All. In our case we will select Project.
  • Notice that after selecting the business area, the work space home page and template gets filled in automatically.
  • The template is the default template for the site layout and the user creates and links the collaboration workspace for a project. You can select one from the look up depending on your need.
  • There are other additional options for the user such as Creating the workspace automatically for selected project types, prompting for creation of work space for projects etc. These can be accomplished by marking the required check boxes.
  • Now, navigate to Project management and accounting > All projects.
  • Select the project you want to create collaboration workspace for.
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    3 thoughts on “Collaboration workspaces in Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 for Projects, Campaigns and Opportunities

    1. Scenario 2:

      i am constructing one private flyover which cost 1cr INR, At present we have only 10 customer who are going to use this flyover i will charge 10% on 1 cr to each customer, after 2 years i got another 3 customers i need to charge 10% on 1 cr for them also form investment project.. how can i do.

    2. HI Sandeep,

      In Ax 2009 investment project the cost incurred on project is 10000 USD . i want to transfer the cost to 10 different projects i need to manually transfer the cost to project through Adjustments in AX 2009, if we use split in adjustment it is evenly transferring the QTY and cost price remains the same for all the transferred projects.

      Scenario 2:my invest project cost is 10000 USD, i want to charge 10% of the investment project cost all upcoming projects may be time and material or fixed price

      thanks in advace .

      1. Kiran,

        Can you please be more clear on framing of your questions ?

        What i understood from your question is , you want to transfer the cost of one investment projects to 10 different projects. Why do you want to do this. Can you explain the exact requirement of yours here.

        The split in adjustment functionality is designed to adjust indivisual transaction lines and it will split evenly into X number lines and you can then change the QTY and costs if you want on the split lines. But make sure that the total QTY and cost does not exceed the orginal cost.

        In the scenario 2, do you mean to say that you want have a balance/cost(which wil be 10% of one of your investment projects) in the all your new projects which will come up ? I would like to know the extact requirement here again.


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