[Troubleshoot] -Timesheet Periods have not been created for: Employee – Error when creating Time sheets in Microsoft dynamics AX 2012

Hi Friends,

In one of my earlier posts, i gave a resolution for the error which users face normally when creating time sheets in AX 2009 PSA module.

Just wanted to update the resolution for AX 2012 as the navigations are all changed in AX 2012.

As we all might be knowing that in AX 2012 users now will have to enter the timesheets in the Employee services portal(Enterprise portal).

Launch the EP in AX 2012 and navigate to New timesheets( as shown in screen below ) .

Click on the New Timesheet link. Now if you face an error as shown below then follow the steps mentioned below to fix it.

Steps to Fix the above error:

  1. Navigate to Human Resources > Common > Workers > Workers.
  2. Select the employee/Worker which has this issue.
  3. Click Project Management tab.
  4. Click Setup > Project setup.
  5. Set a value for Period code ( For eg :EmplMonth). Refer to screenshot below.
  6. Save and close the form.
  7. Now to ensure that the timesheet periods are created for this period code, navigate to Project management and accounting > Setup >  Timesheets > Timesheet period types.
  8. Select the EmplMonth period code.

Do let me know if you need further assistance on anything related to this post. ThanksKeep DAXING 🙂

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4 thoughts on “[Troubleshoot] -Timesheet Periods have not been created for: Employee – Error when creating Time sheets in Microsoft dynamics AX 2012

  1. Hi,
    I am having an issue with the timesheets, I have generated the periods and updated the worker periods, all workers have the correct Period type but I am still getting the following error message when trying to create a timesheet for this period
    Timesheet periods have not been created for:


    1. Have you created the necessary user relations for the worker record ?

      1. Yes, I had done that too it seems to be just one individual which I am finding odd.
        I am also experiencing another problem too, a worker is wanting to create a timesheet but when they add a new line it is not populating any projects for them to select. This employee has been setup in the exactly same way as the others? What do you think it could be?



  2. Timesheet software allows a person to compile and analyze timesheet in a convenient manner. If your employees are based on different locations in such a case you will find the manual method of tracking the work done by your employees an inefficient and time consuming one. In such a scenario a web based timesheet would not only make the work much simpler but also lots more efficient with a cent percent accuracy.

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