Tracking and Managing Accounts Receivable Collections made easy with the all new Collections Management module of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 !!!

The AR Collections team of your organization now has one single interface/screen, where they can see, do everything they need to see and do for their day-to-day work, in collections management.


Just imagine if you, as a Collections agent/Manager of an organization, doing all the below tasks staying in one single screen with few clicks.

  • Manage collection pools
  • View aging balances for customers.
  • View customer address, contact details and credit rating details.
  • Create Actions, Appointments, Events and Tasks at the open transaction level.
  • Contact and follow-up on payments with customer and add actions/notes for tracking.
  • Trigger interest calculations on pending invoices.
  • Create and process Collection letter journals and interest journals.
  • Reimburse customer over payments.
  • Inquire all transactions of the customer (Open and closed).
  • Maintain collection statuses for individual open invoices such as Not disputed, Disputed, Promised pay, Resolved etc. and maintain suitable reason codes when you change the collection status of a payment.
  • Write off open transactions with just one click providing appropriate reason.
  • Manage NSF payments scenarios with one click.
  • Settle transactions.
  • Reprint invoices and send when talking to customer over phone regarding lost/missing invoices.
  • Send customer balance details and customer statements by email with just one click.
  • Generate/Print/Post periodic collection letters.
  • Attach appropriate documents such as email confirmation of payments etc., to open transactions when following up on collections.
  • Last but not the least, create and attach cases for the collections with the integrated case management feature of AX 2012.


Solutions from Solugenix for Microsoft Dynamics AXimage

With such exciting new features and functionality getting added over its versions, Microsoft Dynamics AX is betting high in the ERP market.

In today’s post, I will highlight some of the key functionality and related screens under the Collection Management module of AX 2012. This post will be mainly aimed for customers hunting for the best fit ERP for their organizations and hence will have the overview screens of the overall functionality.

Collections Management master screen showing the list of customers for the Collection Manager is responsible for, their aging balances, contact and address details and the credit rating details.


Collection Manager viewing and doing all open(and Closed) transactions in one screens and having all details required to perform collection activities. Create actions, appointments, Events and tasks:


Writing off transactions in just a click:


Settle Transactions:


Reprint invoices quickly while customers ask a duplicate copy of it, while on a call with Customer,staying in the same screen and just few clicks:


Manage NSF Payments (Non sufficient Funds):



Create Collection letters and interest notes and Calculate interests automatically on invoices:


E-mail customer statements  and balance details to customer contact person with few clicks with seamless integration with outlook:



View transactions, statistics and statements with one click:


Create and Manage support cases and assign to people directly from collections master with integration to the case management feature:


With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, you can take your business to a whole new level with simplicity. Stay tuned for more such new features.

If anyone needs more information regarding this, feel free to Contact me.

Till next time !!!



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